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Subliminal Messages Against The paraliminal CD

by admin on July 18, 2009

This is a brief post on the benefits and drawbacks of the vs paraliminal cds. There are benefits of both, and we always advise trying different self help products till you find one that really works for you personally.

First of all, some definitions;

Sulbiminal messaging is where a voice is recorded reading positive affirmations and then masked at a sound frequency on the  edge of human hearing. If translated literally the phrase comes from the latin to mean “below threshold”. I.e. the messages are below the threshold of human hearing.

However, your subconscious is capable of processing much more information and will pick up on them. This way means that you receive the info straight in your unconscious mind.

Paraliminals use the very same messages and phrases – i.e.positive affirmations. However they are “above threshold” – i.e. you will hear spoken voice this time. They are essentially spoken word CDs with relaxing music in the background.

On an improving confidence cd for example you may hear phrases such as: I am confident, I grow more and more confident every day, I am confident in new situations etc. Both methods are similar, the only differene being that with subliminal messages you wont hear these statements (consciously).

So which one is best?

Everyone is different from the next, you need to find the right solution for YOU – one which suits your lifestlye, here is a quick comparison to help you make up your mind:

  • If you want a spoken, audible voice product then Paraliminals are the way forward – You will hear the messages.
  • If you want a spoken product but don’t want to have to enter a trance like with hynposis then Paraliminals may be the best thing for you.
  • If you want an effortless way to develop – again without entering a trance then either Paraliminals or Subliminals will help you.
  • One of the main benefit of Subliminals is that they are non intrusive. You can put the album on and forget about it – just playing it in the background, wheras Paraliminals may prove a little distracting when you are trying to concentrate.
  • With subliminal messages you can put them on and no one will actually know what you are listening to. This has two benefits – that you can listen anywhere, any time, and you can listen to albums which help to overcome embarrassing problems without fear of being “found out”.
  • If you have a problem that has been bugging you then your conscious mind may be blocking your attempts and subliminal messages can help to bypass this problem.

Overall both methods can be effective, and both are a way of effortlessly developing – you can use the album while going about your daily life. For more information and a full range of subliminal cds visit Real Subliminal today.

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